Report Gender Based Violence & Harassment at Work


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Breach of Confidentiality: All parties to the complaint fail to keep confidentiality and that on its own affect safety of any of the parties to the investigation. Other than safety, breach to confidentiality negatively affects the investigation’s fact finding because concerned parties can conceal material information and steer retaliation.
  • Complainants’ inability to remember material dates concerning their complaints
  • Complainants are given interim relief if at the beginning of the investigation they declare that they do not feel safe after reporting.
  • An interim relief can state that either the Complainant or the Alleged Harasser be given paid leave pending the investigation.
  • It depends on the preference of the Complainant because some Complainants prefer to stay at work while the Alleged Harasser in that case is placed on leave.
  • If the interim relief states that the Alleged Harasser should be put on leave, s/he is given a notice stipulating that there is an on-going investigation in the factory, and they need to take leave for a certain number of days. The notice does not reveal any other information.
  • Witnesses’ names nor details are never revealed to anyone to protect their identity. This ensures that they are never subjected to retaliation from Alleged Harassers.
  • WRW does not offer counselling services, but if there is need for psychosocial support services, services are offered through other relevant service providers that WRW has an understanding with.
  • Neither your employer nor your supervisor will know that you have lodged a complaint at WRW. However, your employer will know that you lodged a complaint at WRW when they are supposed to enforce WRW’s determination.
  • Your supervisor will only know about the complaint if s/he is involved in the investigation.
  • The Alleged Harasser will not be given your name but the complaint you lodged.
  • Witnesses might know the details of the complaint. Since all people who come for investigations are bound by Confidentiality, the details and identities of the people involved in the investigations are protected.
  • Encourage the victim to lay a complaint with the Anti – GBVH Information Line 8000 4248
  • All calls are directed to the Anti–GBVH Information Line to lay a complaint
  • Plus or Minus 30 working days depending on the complexity of each complaint.
  • You can call Anti - GBVH Information Line to get guidance since any retaliation beyond the enforcement by NH which required dismissal is outside the scope of the Program