Report Gender Based Violence & Harassment at Work


  • Anti-GBVH Program
    In Lesotho

    This program is aimed at eradicating gender-based violence and harassment at the Nien Hsing factories

Workers Rights Watch (WRW) is an independent organization which was formed with the intention of being an investigative body for GBVH complaints from the Nien Hsing factories’ workers.

This component’s main objective is to educate and raise awareness of all Nien Hsing workers on issues of GBVH at the place of work and how to report incidents of GBVH that takes place at work.

The Information Line is a toll-free number set-up to receive calls from Nien Hsing workers. The calls can be from workers seeking information, reporting a GBVH complaint…

Why This Programme


This Program was established through landmark agreements negotiated among the brand customers of the Nien Hsing factories (Levis Strauss & Co., The Children’s Place, and Kontoor); the Lesotho trade unions; National Clothing Textile and Allied Workers Union (NACTWU), Independent Democratic Union of Lesotho (IDUL), United Textile Employees (UNITE),  and NGOs;  Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA); Nien Hsing Ltd. Co.; and international NGOs; the Solidarity Center and Worker Rights Consortium.